Independence Square

Explore Montevideo in 5 days


Montevideo is a popular weekend destination for Brazilian travelers. You can easily explore the city in 2 days, but if you what to visit the…

The Palacio Salvo at the Independence Square

Montevideo Free Walking Tour


The Montevideo Free Walking Tour is the best attraction in Montevideo. The tour is fun and informative. The guides are easygoing and friendly. The thing about…

Bodega Bouza Winery


The Bodega Bouza Winery was established by the Bouza family in 2000. The family restored a historic winery first built in 1942. The winery is located…

Calle de los Suspiros, Colonia Del Sacramento

Day trip to Colonia del Sacramento


Colonia del Sacramento is a charming little city at the coast of Rio de la Plata in Uruguay. It’s proximity to Montevideo and Buenos Aires…