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Going overseas is a thrilling vacation for many, but it can be problematic for those who don’t have a lot of means to travel. For me, I love the excitement of traveling even though I don’t have a lot of funding when I go. There are still ways to travel all over the world without having a lot of money. I’ve done it, and I know many other college students who get by on hardly anything while travelling, too. The key is to stick to the basics and not over pack. These are just some other tricks that I’ve picked up along the way.

Borrow Your Way There

Experiences really do matter in college, but you can’t get all of your knowledge from the same place. The key to this is to travel when you’re young and in college. Part of the reason that people don’t travel is because there are so many things that you have to pay for and if you’re going to multiple countries, you may think how can you always have cash on hand? I know, I thought the same thing until my travel buddy (who had more experience than me at the time) told me about the different credit cards he had. That’s when I decided to do some research for myself. According to Credit Card Insider, there are many different types of cards that can be helpful to students and to travelers. I jumped on board and let me tell you, this thing is really handy for those tough situations while overseas.. I can grab a bite to eat, pay for expensive tickets or just stop and get something quickly without having to worry about having enough cash before my trip. If I had to wait until I saved enough money before traveling, then I would never be able to get anywhere. Credit cards aren’t for everyone, but if you’re wise about money and understand how credit works, this can be a very safe and effective way to finance a vacation while in college.

Where to Stay

The other key to inexpensive travel is staying for free or relatively cheap no matter where you go. That’s where hostels come in. Contrary to Hollywood’s portrayal, hostels are relatively well-kept, clean and comfortable places to stay (if you find the right ones). I learned this the hard way and now I use a few apps to help while I’m on the go. Hostel World is great for exploring your options to different hostels and finding the best ones to plan your trip in advance; by doing this in advance you can save a few bucks.

The other trick that you can use is couch surfing. There’s even a site called Couchsurfing.org that will connect you with others who want to couch surf. The only catch is that at some point you may need to return the favor for someone and you must call ahead before you just show up on someone’s doorstep. This is the way that I’ve gotten out of paying hundreds for hotel bills.

Pack What You Need

I always find it funny when people pack more than one bag to travel around the world. You really don’t want to be carrying four luggage cases around with you as you go from train to train. It’s important to bring only what you need. I always bring a change of clothes, water bottle, sunglasses, personal hygiene items, toilet paper (hey, you never know) and a chamois. The chamois comes in handy because it is very lightweight and dries quickly after showering. A towel would take up too much space in your pack and it would never dry. You definitely don’t need to bring 10 pairs of jeans with you just to walk around and do some sightseeing. I don’t bother bringing a camera because my phone does a great job with pictures; plus, I can upload them straight to the Internet when I’m done sightseeing for the day.

You can get around rather inexpensively if you look for ways to save money and pay careful attention to what you spend. By traveling light and choosing to stay in relatively cheap places, you can easily cut one thousand dollars out of your trip.

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